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The inspiration and design month of November has come to an end with the inspiration at top.

It was such a great month for the blog with us having had the time to switch over our blog design to a more friendly design layout. We are very excited for the journey we have taken so far up until today and is also excited for what is to come with the blog. Blogging has truly been a passion of mine for the past 8 years or so…it is truly that (work related) thing in life that I feel completed with. You know that feeling of…having found something in life that gives you that extra energy and curiosity?

To continue our curiosity and passion for blogging, below we have collected some of our highlights from our social media channels, comments from you, blog posts we stumbled upon and much more.

– Anna Caroline


Stina Persson Illustrator and artist


Credit: Stina Persson



Design News Around The Web ////


Credit: Apparatus Studio

+ According to the latest News from Trendenser the design due of Apparatus Studio is one to look out for.
+ Note Design Studio creates some media buzz by refusing to add white, in this interior design.
+ Do not miss this design travel Instagramer who focuses on showing the hottest spaces around.


From The Blog Archives ////


Credit: Wfora

+ ‘Creating the right design Mood’ is something we constantly think about and love discussing.
+ Amazing view, crisp blue sea, white interior spaces. We are thinking of visiting this place next spring.
+ Marble it Up with this blog post. What do you think, is marble still hot?


Blog Love Links ////

+ Man And Camera
+ Sacramento Street
+ Design Sponge’s Life & Business Section

Things We Learnt ////

+ Always save your code twice when blogging
+ Don’t overthink your design decisions
+ How to hang art on the wall




How is the near 5 year future looking for the blog scene specifically within the design field?




Credit: Fanstastic Frank

Creating this new blog structure for our Friday post was fun. We knew for a while that we wanted to add a reading list of some sort but also wanted to include some video tips. We usually spend our Friday in with a good movie or documentary while casually reading up on things we didn’t have time for during the weekend.


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