White + Black Home Office

Credit: At Casa -Photo byMark Seelen

This morning I’m starting it off by sipping inspiration from these office images. This space is fabulous and feels spot free. I’m not sure -actually I know- that my home office never could stay this clean and organized, but It’s always nice to strive for that cleanliness.

  • Sofia visst vore detta ett fridfullt ställe att plugga på? Känns som jag skulle få ganska mycket gjort.

    Kat: me too :))

  • Hey Eleni.

    It's neat isn't it? 🙂 I love the space, it feels very open and airy even though narrow.

    We went to the train station but ended up going to another town close by because the weather was horrible. Now, tomorrow after my exam we are heading to the capital or to the south of Sweden. Can't wait 😀 Will show you some photos then 🙂

  • Seems like a cool place to work there!
    Looking forward to your Stockholm pictures! I'm sure they'll be very inspiring!
    xo, Eleni

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