Sweet Home: Understanding A Home’s Value

Sweet Home

Sweet Home

I have been asked a few times why I keep this Sweet Home column here on the blog. To give an answer to that, it is my way to brainstorm and research the emotions and functions which is required for designing a home. What makes it so interesting is that every home and person have different needs and desires.

Sweet Home Sweet Home

Even though everyone are different, there are clear common emotions and functions related to a home. The space has to be functional no matter what the needs are. Comfort, serenity, balance, joy, satisfaction, inspiration are often words in association with building a home.

Sweet Home Sweet Home Sweet Home

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Credit: Dwell Photos by Andrew Meredith

A home is an ‘apartment with a soul’. In order to build the soul the designer needs to understand the home’s value. This way the client will feel satisfaction and keep on nurturing the soul.

As my journey continues with ‘Sweet Home’, I will keep on jotting down thoughts I come across; update some new posts and hopefully also discuss this topic with you.



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