Sweet Home: Publish – Then Sell

Jessica Folckers house for sale

Jessica Folckers house for saleJessica Folckers house for saledaniel heckscher

I recently posted the home of architect Daniel Heckscher and singer Jessica Folcker. Now their house is on the market and can be yours for 8 900 000 kr.

Jessica Folckers house for saleJessica Folckers house for sale

Isn’t it ‘interesting’ how we are seeing more homes first getting published in interior magazines and then later being up for sale? Perhaps a new business venture?

All you need to do is decorate your home so it looks like eye candy, then push for it to be published on blogs which hopefully results in some coverage in an interior magazine. Before the hype dives, put it out on the market and you will instantly get more coverage. Bloggers will notice you and re-post, resulting in more exposure for your home. Then await a good return which probably is higher then if you hadn’t ‘marketed’ it so well.

daniel heckscherJessica Folckers House For saleJessica Folckers house for sale

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Credit: Hemnet-Skandiamäklarna via Husligheter

I admit it’s probably not so easy as I make it sound here. But perhaps worth a go? How do you look at this publish-then sell trend?

  • interesting blue colour on the floor…
    probably very clever getting your place shown around all the blogs before putting it on sale, definitely attracts attention of “famous property” buyers 🙂

    • Monika,

      Yeah, especially if the area is known for bloggers or readers. I like how you said ‘famous property buyers’, for sure this is were the money is.

      have a good weekend 🙂

  • LOVE the color wood floor…is that something that can be done on your own or its purchased?

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