Sweet Home: Custom Made Furniture

Sweet home - Custom Made / Design Studio 210

Sweet home - Custom Made / Design Studio 210



With too much work during the past months we have over looked the Sweet Home column. It used to be one of my favorite ones to write here as it touches on a subject dear to me, homes and domestic design.

With our absence being cleared out, I wanted to talk about custom made furniture.  Having worked closely to carpenters for a while now – I appreciate the talent, the investment and the full control one gets over the design.



Sweet home - Custom Made / Design Studio 210



Designers dream about custom making interiors – if one brows through Houzz or Pinterest you will see endless beautiful interiors with fitted storage units, custom-made kitchens or walk-in closets amongst some displayed. In fact many designers out there, when providing you only with floor plans and design ideas do not work after standard measurements. And if they did, still the sizes varies from furniture brand to brand, hence if the designer is not helping you specifying the exact furniture piece, you might struggle finding one after the suggested size. Meaning – if you wish to stay within the suggested plan – pieces like TV units, tables, wardrobes etc might have to be custom made.

But, is it worth to invest in tailor made fittings and pieces or not?



Sweet home - Custom Made / Design Studio 210



There are both pros and cons with using a carpenter for projects like these.

Starting with the pros; custom pieces can be made to fit exactly in your interior space, this often gives it a more tailored look. It also helps in minimizing wasted space for example where storage is concerned. A vast array of different materials and finishes can be chosen to complement the scheme. Another advantage with using carpenters is that there will be an uniquness to your design – it is specifically designed for you.

Lets look at the cons instead? The first negative comment I would have is – cost! It is often more costly to go for custom pieces rather than going to the mainstream furniture shop. Time – some carpenters and companies have longer waiting time, with that being said this does not concern everyone.



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Sweet home - Custom Made / Design Studio 210



So what shall one do? A happy medium is using custom made fittings and furniture if budget allows and where it stands out / makes sense and where no other in-store bought items can replace a custom effect. Invest in these areas, and then save on other areas. This is where the importance of understanding one’s budget comes in.


I would like to hear your opinion, what are the pros and cons with having custom made furniture / fittings?



Sweet home - Custom Made / Design Studio 210

Credit: Dwell


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