Small Living Cleverly Designed

This apartment is a fusion of technology and design. What do you think? Would you get tired of moving around walls?

Found this today, or I should say just now, on a Swedish blog called Husligheter, -thanks Maria.


  • oh you are welcome 🙂

    Wow, your standard British house sounds really nice: I love brick exteriors.

    lol yeah we don't want you fall over them 😉 Haha good luck with the minimalist talk….I remember my dad had one with me. Never worked; at that time 😉

  • You're more than welcome for the feedback, thanks for the lovely images you supply on your blog! 🙂

    Yep, standard British 3 bed semi-detached 1930's brick built house. Any less space and we'd be tripping over our 2 kids! If only I could get them into a minimalist frame of mind…

  • Ah Matt great to read your comment 🙂 You always give me terrific feedback.-Thanks 🙂
    Yeah, it's such a great solution to the issue of space. Like you, I think I would get tired, of always having to move around objects. Maybe I'm just lazy in nature…hehe.

    It's difficult to live in small spaces. I've experience, since that's what I'm doing at the moment. But at the same time it's sort of refreshing. I have to be so cautious on what I bring into my 'nook'. Or It gets easily too much.

    From your comment, I'm assuming you live in a 'normal' sized space 😉

  • Very clever! Although I can see how you could become tired of moving the walls around once the novelty has worn off, needs must in such a small space as this and this design is a fantastic solution to the problem.

    Personally, however, I could never live in such a small space, I'd go mad in days.

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