Simplicity Goes A Long Way

Credit: Style At Home

With attention to detail, simple decor can be very successful.

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  • Grrr .. my internet was down all weekend – and so I have been missing all my fav blogs. BUT now that I am back up and running – quickly checked yours knowing there would be great pics on there and whammo .. this is setting is super clean and super stylish. Also, L.O.V.E. the ad agency office. Such a fantastic space. I too would love to work there.


  • Hey Linda :)

    Yey I'm glad you like the spaces.

    Oh what a bummer. A whole weekend without internet :O …not many bloggers can survive that :p I'm glad it's fixed now though :)

    Actually I took it pretty easy this weekend with blogging, since I had to play catch up with schoolwork. Thanks for your sweet comment :)) Hearing my blog is worth visiting truly makes me happy :)

  • Hej Johanna :) Visst blir man lite avis på så snygga och rena inredningar? ;)

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