Not A Cookie-Cutter Kitchen

Have you seen this kitchen ‘flying’ around the blog jungle yet? I found it yesterday while going through Swedish blogs (always informative) and it appears that the owner of this home actually is a blogger, Anna Lena. Originally it was on her blog that I had seen it, but later discovered that it’s been featured in Sköna Hem just a couple of days ago.

—–I think her kitchen is stunning and something I wouldn’t expect to find in a Swedish home. It’s unpredictable, which I like.

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A fun little fact: this home is designed from scratch by Anna Lena and her hubby. Only with help of an architect to plan it out accordingly -Impressive! This project also sparked a curiosity and passion for pursuing styling, which is something she does for a living now. Curios for more…check out her blog.

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  • oh, thank you very much for your comment! comments like those truly mean a lot to me :)

  • Your welcome Ella :) I'm happy to have found your blog. I will have to let other people know about it, if they didn't already find it :D

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