Maybe ‘The’ Townhouse?

{I could make this room my ‘writing room’}

Today is a dreaming day. I started the day by checking my mail and what a surprise: finally, a townhouse in our budget is for sale around where we live now. I actually like it! It’s a semi fixer-upper; just what we want. It has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. I believe we might have a look at it this weekend; just for fun.

I’m already dreaming about the decor [no surprise there}.We are going for a light and simple feel with objects that are familiar: basically objects which are evoking an emotion of tradition and comfort. Our Swedish, Mexican and American culture will be part of our new home. Of course there is no brainier that everything has to be kind on our budget. Local small shops, home depos, Ikea, Ebay, Craiglist and thrift stores will get a visit from us. We don’t want to collect alot of items but instead treassure what few we have.

Inspiring me at the moment is an array of images:

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Above bed gallery wall

Images borrowed from Living Etc by approval

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  • oh dear! the first image is amazing! i could live in there and that bed in the last shot… so beautiful! i love the headboard!

  • :D

    The bed does look inviting. I'm really falling for blue lately…
    I agree with you, the headboard is a yaw dropper. 'Wishing upon the stars' that I will accidentally bump into something similar in a thrift shop :I

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