Image borrowed from LoftLife Mag

I so wish to live in a loft. I am tempted to pack my stuff and move to Chicago…..where i want to design an open loft space with plenty of space for entertaining and work…….

  • Lofts are very interesting to have as a living space. I lived in lofts for the last 6 years and just moved into a one-bedroom in a more normal apartment building in NYC.

    Gotta admit I love the new one-bedroom thing. Easier to heat/cool. Maybe even more comforting. Even a bit more interesting for me to decorate.
    I do miss the extravagance of a big, long room and the light feeling it gave me but for now I am loving my sweet little apartment.

  • so funny! I live in a suburb of chicago!! it is such a lovely city!! thanks for your note. I'll email you my email info. monday began so busy. sorry for the delay… have a great day!

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