Fredagsmys: Lasarettsgatan 6 | 64 Sqm

Scandi interior

Today we are celebrating that it is Friday by looking at this lovely Swedish apartment that has a stunning 3 meter ceiling to show off. The apartment itself has a more squarish layout which allows for plenty of light and gives the overall apartment a feeling of more space. Not to forget this is a one bedroom apartment with “only” 64 square meter in size, but due to the high ceiling and light this space feels much larger and could easily host one of my Fredagsmys evenings together with my friends. Hopefully you will find plenty of inspiration from this apartment.

Some inspiring things from this apartment: 

  • Showcase your wine glasses with a wall mounted wine rack
  • Skip upper cabinets and go for some art above the counter top instead
  • Show off your stunning coffee maker
  • Use a linen tablet cloth for a softer dining look
  • The light gray focal wall brings depth and interest to the overall white space
  • Opt for sliding doors

If you wish to have more inspiration around the this kind of style then make sure to check out our Scandinavian interior design post. Packed with information around the philosophy and tips and tricks on how to get this look.

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Scandi interior


Is a Swedish word for the concept of comfort and relaxation. It could be in your home, out in a restaurant or any other space. It has a different meaning to each Swede. It might involve the luxury of a glass of wine, candy, great food, company of your loved once, indulging in a book….. Well the imagination for what Fredagsmys means is endless and is all about ‘a feeling’.

Scandi interior

Scandi interior

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Scandi interior


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Scandi interior
Scandi interior
Scandi interior
Scandi interior
Credit: Stadshem


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