What is the Japandi Interior Style?

Japandi interior style

Want to know what the Japandi interior style is and how to get it into your home?

Japandi interior style

The Japandi interior style has become a sensation among the home décor devotees across the globe. It is gaining popularity among interior designers at a rapid pace. In 2021 Pinterest predicted that Japandi was the new minimalism and in in the past years Google Trends is showing that this Japandi trend is increasing, and will continue to do so in 2024.

If you are not already a Japandi interior style expert (or an Japandi interior designer), you might be wondering what is a Japandi style, and why is it so popular? You may also be curious about getting some ideas on how you can benefit from this style in your home and how you can get the Japandi style on a budget.

I have collected all you need to know about this style that will hopefully inspire and aspire you to try this style out in your home.

Let’s explore!

Japandi interior style

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What is Japandi Style?

Japandi is a hybrid home décor style that combines the elements of Japanese and Scandinavian décor together. And so the word “Japandi” is extracted out of both of these terms.

The elegance of the Scandinavian design is mixed with the aesthetically appealing look of Japanese décor to create a perfect yet timeless Japandi design that you are going to love for decades to come!

Clean – crafty – and timeless.

Japandi interior design style

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The combination of these two amazing styles gathers the elements of home décor from two opposite corners of the world. The basic design principle of both these styles is the same as it focuses on simplicity and functionality while making a living space more functional and responsive to the needs of the time. It follows the traces of minimalism too.

The basic design principle of both these styles is the same as it focuses on simplicity and functionality while making a living space more functional and responsive to the needs of the time

Something that adds luxury and appeal to the Japandi design is the rustic touch of Scandinavian design that uplifts the alluring details of Japanese design. The color palettes of Japanese design remain rich while that of Nordic (Scandinavian) is neutral.

It adds variety to a home design when you combine these palettes to create a Japandi design.

Japandi interior style coffee table

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The calmness of Nordic design and the warmth of Japanese style create a perfect luxe for a Japandi home design. Japandi also has a dominance of natural elements in the form of furniture, decorative accessories, and more. Japandi is also known as Scandi-Japanese style. Japandi is obsessed with minimalist design where simplicity runs the show. You would love to see the abundance of elements creating a warm and calming environment of Japandi design while making the home more alluring and functional.

“A Scandinavian and Japanese soft minimalism style that embraces quality and authenticity while focusing on only on creating a space that has meaning for you”

Japandi interior decor style

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Elements Of Japandi Interior Style

Something that makes Japandi interior design stand out is its amazing elements that help you recognize the style. The sleek look of Japandi becomes obvious when the appealing elements of it combine together. 

Here you go with a list of elements of Japandi interior design that would be enough to fall for the Japanese-Scandinavian décor!

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Something that is never compromised in Japandi design is the element of sleekness! A Japandi home is never untidy or messy. You could easily determine Japandi by focusing on this element. It is also considered as step one in creating the Japandi design.

Japandi interior style table setting

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A Japandi home is brighter than other home designs. It is spacious too and here you would find ample inflow of sunlight and massive use of artificial lights. Although the basic lighting plan also follows the principle of simplicity, the warmth of light remains cool and intense.

Japandi interior kitchen style

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A Japandi home is more functional than other home designs. The basic idea behind the Japandi home design is to offer comfort and convenience that comes in possibly any form. You would find functional kitchens and living rooms with all the facilities necessary for a home. Here you would find the customized or minimal furniture that engages the least proportion of space to offer ultimate utility.

No Room for Clutter

Clutter is the biggest spoiler of any home design and it is something totally abandoned by Japandi. Since Japandi has no room for clutter; there is little tendency to create additional storage spaces. The lifestyle of Japandi lovers is simple and tidy that also results in little to no clutter.

Japandi interior decor styling

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The Abundance of Natural Materials

A Japandi home has a visible dominance of natural materials. You would see the use of yarn, wood, leather, and other natural materials in designing a Japandi home. The use of natural materials is something that makes a Japandi home more alluring and close to nature.

Japandi interior rattan furniture

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An Interesting Color Palette

Japandi interior style

Japandi design focuses on the combination of two different color palettes.

It takes inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian design to create a perfect combination of colours for its own color palette.

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You would find neutral to rich colors in the Japandi home. The shades of oak, grey, brown, off-white, and green can be seen in abundance in the Japandi design.

2022’s Top Japandi Interior Design Ideas

Here you go with top Japandi interior design ideas to create a perfect Japandi home! Let’s find out!

Japandi interior style

Use Neutral Base Colors for the Walls of your Japandi Home!

Walls occupy a major proportion of your visibility once you enter an interior. Therefore, you may choose to start creating a Japandi design from the walls! You can create a perfect Japandi look by painting the walls in white color or any neutral color. 

White walls are often seen in both the Scandinavian and Japanese interior designs. The white walls work as a design booster in a Japandi home design with its soft background that highlights every other design element. It also bounces back the natural or artificial lights that makes an interior look brighter and spacious.  You can add variety to your Japandi home by using contrast colors along with your base color. You can also use neutral tones instead of warm whites. Such as, you may go for the muted shades of oak and grey to create a perfectly neutral color palette for your Japandi interior design.

Use Neutral Fabrics for Décor!

In a Japandi interior design, you can also use neutral colored fabrics for the purpose of décor. The organic fabrics of linen, brushed cotton, cotton muslin, or velvet can be used in creating an appealing Japandi design. These fabrics can be used in creating decorative accessories such as side lamps, wall paneling, curtains, bedding, cushions, and more.

Go for Japandi Furniture

You may choose the style of furniture according to the Japandi inspirations. You would find the furniture made of rattan, cane, wicker, walnut wood, teak wood, bamboo, or acorn wood. You may also go for upholstered furniture where cotton, linen, or blended fabric is used in the making to create a perfect Japandi look.

Don’t forget to style the Flooring!

A Japandi home is incomplete without wooden floorings! You may choose the tones of the wooden flooring, from dark to light, whatsoever suit your overall Japandi interior design. If you are going for white walls and neutral toned furniture, then a dark wooden floor would go well with the new Japandi design of your home.  

Design the Color Palette Accordingly!

Japanese interior design is more inclined towards a richer color palette. You would hardly find the classic Scandinavian tones in a Japenese design. For a Japandi design on the other hand, you can go for lighter or darker hues, as long as you have a mix of them both to create that hybrid Japandi style.

Very often you will see spaces when searching on Pinterest for Japandi, on interiors with more ligher colors in a combination with warmer and richer colors, to create an alluring Japandi color palette. To get this look you can combine the shades of dark blue, green, camel, rustic brown, verdigris, or charcoal grey with the neutral tones of beige, faded pink, or warm whites. You can design an aesthetically appealing interior design choosing exciting hues for your Japandi color palette.

Create more Space for Natural Materials

Natural materials add personality to your Japandi home. It takes you back to the time when everything was made by hand. The use of natural materials like wood, leather, metal, wicker, bamboo, rattan, terra cotta, glass, clay, etc brings nature close to you. You may incorporate nature into home by adopting these accents of Japandi home design.

Include A Few Decorative Accessories

Something that is seen in the least proportion in a Japandi home is the use of decorative accessories. Although the decorative accessories uplift the look of an interior design, it also makes an interior look more occupied. Therefore, Japandi has little space for decorative accessories. Here the quality is preferred over quantity. You may consider the shade, shape, and material of the decorative accessories before making a purchase. The less occupied a space, the brighter and broader it looks to create a perfect minimalist Japandi look.

Set the Mood with a Sensational Lighting Plan

You may create a basic lighting plan for your Japandi home by using a combination of warm and cold lights. You may choose from warm ceiling lights and cold pendant lights to add luxury to your Japandi room.

Final Thoughts

Japandi interior design has all the elements to make you fall for it! (I am for sure a fan – as you might already have seen from this intro of the style ;)) Especially when you have a strong appeal to create a simple yet functional home with the traces of minimalism. This blend of Japanese-Scandinavian design helps you create an alluring interior design that would sustain its space within your home for generations to come! 

Let’s go Japandi!

Japandi interior style

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