Home + Knitting

It’s safe to say that knitting and crafts is a big trend in decoration. I’m glad it’s, and I hope it’s here to stay. When you think about it; with knitted products a depth and warmth is achieved, this through the yarns and patterns texture. Heavenly: both visual and tactile.

This home is a nice example of how to incorporate knitted objects into a home. Clearly this homeowners passion is knitting. I can see her mastering those knitting ‘sticks’ {is that what one would call them?} as if she was born doing this.

Now I regret; not paying extra attention when mom tried to teach me how to knit. Time for a lesson I believe.

Credit: deko. -Photo by Morten Holtum Found Via Hegegreenall

How stylish aren’t those vases? They are divine and I’m feeling a craving for them, oh and the stool is just adorable.

Do you like to adapt your home decoration to the different seasons? I do, and this would be ideal.


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