Him + Her & Them

Credit: 1.Acne 2.Acne 3.AtCasa

Something I’ve been procrastinating for too long is to show my collection of Him + Her & Them boards. I often make these, since I’ve a habit of always wanting to know who lives in interiors I find. If there is no picture, then I create my own imaginary couple or singles…It’s fun. You should try it out as well.

Here is another one I did a while ago: but here I couldn’t find her a matching man.

  • Concept interiors: Thanks oh and I would love to see who your guests are 😉

    Matt: hahah that's a really good point :p But, I love their mood, it sort of suits with the feel of the interior. I love the fact that she looks so nonchalant, perhaps it's my nagging on wanting to be their decorator. They are not buying my: add some artwork and warmth to the space. Hahah… Or, what do you say?

  • That house doesn't seem to be making them very happy…

  • how cool is that!I like this idea. I often think like that when I design hotels. Who is the guest?

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