Fredagsmys: Lounging At The Kith Cafe In Singapore

Kith Cafe

And…Friday evening is finally here and another Fredagsmys. I really enjoy coming up with stories or emotions that I relate to Fridays. I think it is a way for me to connect to my family back in Sweden, as it brings back child-hood memories. Today I would gladly spend the evening with both my families in this hip place; the Kith Cafe in Quayside Isle, Singapore.

Kith Cafe

What do you say about some good food and latte’s with us here? The atmosphere feels fun and vibrant. It gives me a creative boost through the quirky stools, chalkboard and patterned walls. It is one of those spaces’ that would give me the energy boost that I need before a working weekend.

Kith CafeKith Cafe

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I wish you a fantastic Friday! If you have some links on places’ which has that Friday relaxation vibe, let us know.

Fredagsmys is a Swedish word for the concept of comfort and relaxation. It has a different meaning to each Swede. It might involve the luxury of a glass of wine, candy, great food, company of your loved once, indulging in a book….. Well the imagination for what Fredagsmys means is endless and is all about ‘a feeling’.

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