Fredagsmys: At Foam Cafe

Cafe Foam by Note Design Studio

Cafe Foam by Note Design Studio

Happy Friday. Friday is finally here, and oh have I been waiting for it. Having moved from Sweden, once more, I am in even more need to stay in touch with my roots and traditions. Which makes ‘Fredagsmys‘ an important little concept for me.

Cafe Foam by Note Design Studio

Cafe Foam By NOte Design Studio

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Credit: 1, 2, 3 Borrowed From Dwell By Approval -Designed by Note Design Studio 

I want to spend my Friday evening in a relaxing yet vibrant place where I get to indulge in sweets and over consume coffee, while hearing the buzzing cars outside. Reminding me of that ‘Fredagsmys‘ no longer has to be about snuggling up in a sofa but instead it’s about surrounding yourself with people you love while unwinding after a busy week.


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