Creative Office: Lycee Francais Saint-Louis

Lycee Francais Saint-Louis

Lycee Francais Saint-Louis

Lycee Francais Saint-Louis

This is the Lycee Francais Saint-Louis school located in Stockholm. It is designed by Archistudio.

At a first glance I assumed this space to be an office or studio. Mostly because its creative approach and color choice. Schools normally tend to be of the more stagnant type, where color and creativity sometimes seem to be forgotten.

Lycee Francais Saint-LouisLycee Francais Saint-LouisThe school is setting them apart from others by creating a more decorative and homey feel. The result is a less intimidate space where school suddenly becomes the place you want to be at.

Lycee Francais Saint-LouisLycee Francais Saint-LouisLycee Francais Saint-Louis

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Credit ©Jason Strong Images borrowed by approval

Hopefully in the future there will be more of these kinds. -Schools were productivity and innovation are keywords.-

Lastly I want to mention the photographer Jason Strong who shot these images. He captured those vivid colors nicely.


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