A Home In Elle Decor + Vintage Posters

  • Credit 1, 2  -Photo by William Abranowicz  /Image borrowed by approval from Elle Decor

I was drawn to this home tour of Hana Soukupova and Drew Aaron, which I spotted in the latest issue I bought of Elle Decor. It’s stylish, open and sophisticated but at the same time it has a warmth to it. Or at least so does the living room.

I love the fact that they incorporated vintage posters into their design scheme. It’s such a simple idea that adds character and could also add a spark to any room.

When I was at a fair in San Diego I was extremely tempted to purchase a bunch of vintage posters, but I kept myself. Mainly because I don’t have a home to decorate yet. But that shouldn’t stop me from looking after some online. Right?

I found these vintage blueprints on Etsy, and they would work really nice in a decor. But it’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

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Have you got an idea where I can find vintage- or vintage inspired posters?


  • hehe she does have killer legs :I I have no clue if photoshoped or no 😉

    Thanks for your kind comment :)) Love yours too ; it's very informative.

  • Hi!i know I should make a comment on the posters, but that girl has got endless legs, they must be photoshop'ed?

    Love ur blog, will add you on my blogroll:)

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