The knowledge and inspiration we get from chatting to creative individuals is priceless. Below find a selection of friends of Design Studio 210 – who took the time to inspire & teach us with their knowledge of wealth.


The Artists & Photographers


Karine Leger Artist Interview Via Design Studio 210 Artist and Illustrator Stina Persson Interview Via Design Studio 210 Oumayma B. Tanfous Photographer theprintatelier Via Design Studio 210 Terrence Hannum Art and Design Interview with Design Studio 210

Karine Leger

Stina Persson

Oumayma B. Tanfous

Terrence Hannum

Arjan Janssen Artist Interview Via Design Studio 210 ConiLab Artist and Graphic Designer Interview Via Design Studio 210 Akos Major Photographer Interview

Arjan Janssen


Akos Major



Interior & Architectural Photographers


Jill Tate Interior and Photography Interview via Design Studio 210 Jason Strong Interior and Architectural Interview Via Design Studio 210

Jill Tate

Jason Strong

Want to tell your story and inspire us?






For an artist, it is important to dare to step in limbo. To take risks and to enter areas you never knew they existed. – Arjan Janssen for DS210

I prefer abstract imagery. I find that reduced information opens up for association, imagination and mystery. – Julia Heurling for Ds210

Top 5 Lessons Learnt & Tips Gained


  • When photographing a space consider whether people should be included in the space or no. Jill Tate and Jason Strong both discussed this closer with us.
  • Be creative in the medium you use to create art.
  • Finding Inspiration – in order to get the full creative power of inspiration one needs to have a good concentration and a clear mind to reach its full potential.
  • Copy right and photography – a photographer thinks, it is better that his photos are used and shared than sitting on his computer. Of course as a policy, always ask the photographer if photos can be used.
  • Stay curious and ask questions.



Design Interviews – Our Story

When we started the Design Studio 210 blog, we did so not only with an interest for design and blogging, but it was a way for the curious Anna Caroline to speak to people in the creative field. A way to learn and get inspired. The design blog’s main inspiration source comes from all the people we connect and talk to. It is because of you and these people that we with excitement love doing what we do.

Thank you all for being part of our story and for inspiring us with your knowledge and wealth.

– Anna Caroline

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