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Welcome to Design Studio 210’s free blog academy

If you are curious about starting your own blog, but do not know if you have all the technical skillset in place that is needed. —— then keep on reading

If you have a blog idea that you want to share, but end up never doing it due to feeling confused about how to actually start it. —— then keep on reading

If you are confused about whether it is worth it to pay one of those expensive courses or membership programs to be able to start a blog. —— then keep on reading

If any of these “ifs” resonates where you are in your blog journey, then I hope that my free blog academy + easy setup steps will answer your questions as well as helping you to get your own blog online. No paid course is needed, to start.

With over 10 years of blogging experience and partnerships with companies like Electrolux, and one industry nomination within the SEO field, I feel that it is time to take my usual coaching sessions from offline to online.

Here we goo…Hope you like it. If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The beauty of blogging is that anyone can do it

Disclaimer: When you click on one of my recommended links here, you are clicking on an affiliate link and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission. I am very mindful of what I recommend here on the blog, and would only highlight products I either have or think could be of value to you. At the moment this small commission goes against paying hosting and service fees for this blog, which helps me to cover running costs and share content I am passionate about. Thank you for your support xx


Do you have your blog idea already, and want to know how to technically set up your blog?

My best advice here is to use a hosting service like Bluehost.

Why? Bluehost makes it easy since they connect the elements of the setup process that can be tricky to you.

What can you do through Bluehost:

  • Get your free domain (Bluehost offer a free domain)
  • Host your site through them (All blogs needs to be hosted somewhere for it to be visible online. If you want to have your own domain, like mine: then you always have to pay for hosting.)
  • Set up and connect WordPress

They basically have a system that connects all the technical steps that you need to take to have a blog online. All you need to do is sign up and if you want you can use my referral link here. There is a monthly payment of $3.95/month, which might seem like a lot, but considering the easy technical set up they have, you will be able to do all this yourself. So this is one of the best deals out there.

And yes you can set up a totally free blog too (your URL will then look something like this, since you will be hosting it under WordPress and not have your own domain), but I do not recommend this if you want to grow a potential business out of this.

Read more about how to start a design blog here.

You do not need a fancy course to start a blog. All you need is determination and the willingness to learn from your journey…


Want support and ideas from scratch for your blog?

No worries! I have got your covered with plenty of tips on where you should start, why blogging is still a thing, and also other tips and tricks.


  • How to start a design blog – See my full guide on how to start a blog within the creative niche. Focused on walking over all blogging basics from, how to actually set one up to covering the topic around domain names, templates, blog niches etc.
  • Why should you start a blog in 2020 – See a list of great reasons why blogging is not dead, and why I advice you to still create your blog even in a Youtube and Instagram type of world.
  • How to pick a blogging niche (+ 25 blog niche ideas) – A good resource to think about if you are looking into some ideas around what you can blog about.

Some people asked…

What skillsets are good to have for blogging?

I would say the best skills you can have to pursue your blog is your passion, curiosity, and eagerness to learn. This is how I started to learn everything from simple HTML and CSS coding, to SEO, and overall writing for the web.

Other beneficial skills are marketing, a good eye for design, and good storytelling. It of course helps if you are good at writing. Actually, the list can be pretty long here, which is why I always go back to saying that curiosity and eagerness to learn is key here (unless you are able to outsource parts of the work). The opportunity you have with your blog is to keep on developing these different skills which can help you in other ways in the future.

How will people find my blog?

When you are new to blogging it helps to spread the word amongst friends and peers within the community you are writing to, if you are already connected to it.

Otherwise your go-to places to make people find your blog is Pinterest. This should be your number one traffic focus place if you are in the creative sphere where images play a major part of your communication.

Other places you should hang out, for people to find you is: commenting and connecting on likeminded peoples blogs, reaching out to people over Instagram and Twitter, as well as following them. Focus on trying to be in groups and communities where you think you can provide value with what you are writing about on your blog. Your traffic and interest for your site will come natural after awhile, as long as you keep on being consistent.

For the long term game, learning about SEO is key. This usually involves creating long form content pieces that is answering peoples questions. It may take time but over time, this type of traffic will come in as almost “passive” traffic and can in the end lead to you generating passive income.

Can I have a free blog?

Yes, it is possible to set up a free blog. The difference between having a free blog and a blog like my own here is that mine is not hosted through let’s say WordPress. If you do not pay for a company to host your site and also pay to get your domain name, your blog will be part of the WordPress domain: example,

Since you probably want to be able to own your own domain (example like mine, for your business or personal brand. Opting for a for a self hosted site, like mine here, is your best option. But this means that you need to pay for a company to host it (store it online). Without this service your blog will not have a place to “live” online.

Are there known benefits with blogging?

Having a blog on the topic that you are passionate about or have an expertise in can give you plenty of opportunities within the job world. It might land you the connections, network and opportunities you are after within your specific niche.

You will also be learning plenty of the skills involved around the business and blog side, which can grow experience in fields such as SEO, marketing, PR etc. I know many people who instead of running their blog purely to earn money, are running their blogs to network and build a personal brand within their field. Which can lead to other opportunities like book deals, speaking arrangements etc. Or growing their CV on the side.

In fact this is how Design Studio 210 started, I was studying interior design remotely and wanted to connect with like minded peers, as well as connecting with suppliers. I at the same time had an interest for creating websites and content creation which in the end landed me a full-time career within digital marketing. Which I now work in a more senior leadership role. All this because of the curiosity and eager to learn while doing on the blog.

No real money on education is needed here. Learn by doing. And ask people who you look up to blogging for advice and help. Everyone are usually super friendly and helpful.

How hard is it to make an income from blogging?

This is a tricky question. I am sure you have seen income reports of some bloggers making money after a few months to a year. Some of those bloggers have also already started plenty of blogs before they succeed, while of course others might actually be making money from their first blog within months. Usually though it takes time for your blog to establish solid traffic and an engaged audience to get traction both from affiliate sales, to sponsorships as well as ad revenue.

My advice here is, if you are looking to actually pursue your blog as a potential side income is: select a niche that you like to talk about, make sure there are sponsorship deals and advertisement deals available for this niche, and do plenty of research of content that people are actually interested in. I have written more about this in how to pick a blogging niche.

Finding a system to create amazing content that will give value to your reader, is important, before focusing too much on all the different income sources in the beginning. As it might distract you from the quality of your content. 


Produce valuable content that you have a clear traffic goal for.

Select a niche that you feel a strong passion and curiosity for. Extra bonus if you have experience in it – be the authority in your niche.

Focus on one marketing traffic source at a time until you feel confident in it.

Learn how to start a blog today

Learning and starting the journey on blogging, gave me skillsets that landed me a full-time cooperative job within a competitive digital marketing niche.

It was all thanks to the blog, and the blogging skills I learned along the way.

Today I wish to encourage more people to start blogging.

As it has truly given my life joy and an opportunity to grow a career within the marketing field without a degree. My motto here was always, learning by doing.


Save this resource to your Pinterest board…

Hi, I am Caroline. I have been blogging for +10 years. I used blogging as a tool to start a career in Digital Marketing.

Now I am curious to hear, will you be starting your blog journey today?

Can’t wait to hear what creative blog you are thinking to set up. Drop a line if you have a blog or setting a blog up.

If you have any questions I am happy to help out in the comments below.