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Welcome to my source book…I have collected some of my favourite interior design/home decor products below that I either already own or have on my wish-list.

These products and objects are once that I find inspiring in different ways. And that will or are having an impact on my home feeling.

Maybe these will provide value to you as well.

Disclaimer: When you click on one of my recommended books, you are clicking on an affiliate link and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission.

I am very mindful of what I recommend here on the blog, and would only highlight products I either have or think could be of value to you.


My Favourite Curated Home Products


Surrounding oneself with items that evokes a certain type of aspirational feeling gives your home a sense of meaningfulness

Best of…

See curated lists of items that I recommend when sourcing for your home.


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Scandinavian Interior Design Books

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