Form Us With Love And JOV

Caroline Broman
Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love

Form us With Love collaborated with Belgian experts in hand tufting, JoV to make hand tufted rugs inspired by Stockholm. In the press release FUWL speaks about the project’s purpose being “[…] to explore natural materials and handcrafts.” They wanted to focus not only on the end result but to tell a story through the rugs process from start to finish.

Form Us With Love Form Us With Love

This story telling of the design process is what is appealing to me. To know how something is made, adds value to the product. It also adds an understanding and connection that in a way could be a primitive thing in a well designed space. “The hand-tufters always begin with small patterns and extend to the larger areas, finally ending with the main colours. With a tuft gun in their hands they reload for every detail, covering even the larger areas in fine, line-by-line movements. Every square meter takes 4-5 man-hours to make.” (-Press release, Form Us With Love)

Form Us With Love Form Us With Love

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Credit: Form Us With Love

We are starting to see more designers sharing the design process and some who incorporate this into their marketing plan. I find the story telling behind it inspiring, and educational at the same time. What about you?


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