Pros and Cons of Virtual Interior Design Services

Caroline Broman
virtual interior design services

There has been a lot of talk the past weeks on virtual interior design services. And it is no surprise the past weeks that almost all design companies had to go remotely and offer this type of service. 

But when the normality of how we work steps in, do we think that virtual interior design services will still be standing? 

Since I am all about all things digital (well mostly) I wanted to take a look at the Pro And Cons that virtual interior design services have.

To dig down into this topic I engaged with a few fellow design people over at Quora to uncover the below: 

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Virtual Interior Design Services Pro And Cons list


  • Easily accessible and not restricted to were you live 
  • Opportunity to get service from an online high profile person (famous interior designer who blogs, TV personas etc)
  • Cost is usually lower than “normal” design services 
  • Service is usually fast
  • Designer will be able to provide trade deals and offers
  • Convenience in sourcing: Usually online objects and furniture is recommended, easy to order.

virtual interior design services


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  • The designer never visits your home or space which means that some elements might not be addressed to. 
  • The styling will fall on you, if it is not detailed displayed in visuals
  • Project relays on the client to measure the space. Has to be right.
  • Hiring local contractors and workers usually falls on the client
  • Assembly and arrangement of furniture is on you

The above Pro’s and Con’s can, of course, vary depending on the services that the virtual interior designer is providing. Some might be more focused on decoration, and some might have broader services that even include connecting you to the right contractor.

Now I am curious what do you guys think of these types of services? Would you encourage other interior designers to follow? 

I look forward to discussing this with you :)

If you now think that online interior design services is something that you need for your next project. Then I recommend this round up of the top services to use by Good House Keeping. Also as a start I always highly recommend looking into creating a Vision Board for your home before contacting one of these services.

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