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Caroline Broman
Fredensborg House By Norm Architects | Design Studio 210

Fredensborg House By Norm Architects | Design Studio 210

A thrilling part about blogging is being able to access material that I otherwise might not have come across. Or if I did it would have been edited by magazines and other blogs. For example yesterday I was reading through press material from Norm Architects and could not help but to feel inspired and blissful to be able to directly read about their design philosophy.

Fredensborg House By Norm Architects | Design Studio 210Fredensborg House By Norm Architects | Design Studio 210

The Scandinavian studio talks about the different design steps and how they first and foremost start with identifying which needs have to be met. They always ask themselves if “[…] if a certain design idea is relevant” (-Norm Architects) and if it solves the given problem. This is actually not a strange approach since the design process for many designers starts with identifying ‘a need’. The studio also talks about their Scandinavian design philosophy and that they strongly believe in quality craftsmanship and a timeless design. To them a space or product should be as current after production as when years has gone by. Which is why they focus less on the trends that come and go and more about timeless beauty.

Fredensborg House by Norm Architects | Design Sudio 210Fredensborg House by Norm Architects | Design Sudio 210

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Credit: Norm Architects 

I truly enjoyed reading through their press material as I both found it educational and inspiring. This type of material should be accessible to any one studying interior design or who wants to learn more about this profession, hence I recommend you to try to get a hold of them.

What is your thoughts on this. Do you enjoy reading the design philosophy behind design studios, and their ideas and concepts behind a project? Or do you merely find this a time waster?


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