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Are you struggling with your interior design marketing? Are you looking to get help on SEO for interior designers? Don’t know how to find interior design clients? Would you like to know how you can increase your organic traffic and leads?

Whether you are a designer, architect, blogger or showroom owner in the interior design or architecture field an interior design marketing strategy is vital for digital success.

A strategy is about choices. You can’t be all things to all people.




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Why Digital + Design? 

Being passionate and experienced in both digital and interior design, Design Studio 210 and Anna Caroline have now opened up its side business to offer digital marketing and SEO services specifically for the Interior Design and Architecture niche.



9 Years Blogging & Content Creation
3+ Years of SEO Marketing & Management
9 Years of Link Campaigns
1+ Year of Interior Consultancy
3+ Years of Project Management

A desire to help designers, architects and people in the design industry to boost their online traffic and especially their organic (SEO) traffic.

The combined experience of both digital and an interior design background all ensures high quality work both in the interior design marketing but also in the communication – all to help you how to find interior design clients best suiting you.

Caroline is now working on interior design marketing projects independently and when needed she has gathered a team of talented digital marketers that she collaborates with, that all have the common interest to increase quality traffic for the clients. The team is used of working in mutli-lingual and multi-brand environment in a dynamic setting – the whole team are as passionate about interior design marketing as Caroline.

A desire to help designers, architects and people in the design industry to boost their online traffic and especially their organic (SEO) traffic.






Want to ensure that your website is healthy for organic traffic?

– Full SEO Audit: Checking how your site is performing together with provided recommendations (both technical and content)
– Backlink Analyze followed by a backlink strategy


Want to improve your content strategy?

– Content strategy ideas
– Keyword research together with topic suggestions


Want to know how your competitor landscape is looking?

– Bench-marking your competitors
– Competitor analyze together with suggested improvements for an increased chance of competing with your competitors


Want to start your website or blog, but don't know where to start for success?

– We can design it for you
– We can help you with your website/blog set up and hosting
– Set up of tracking and analytical tools
All from hosting, setting up the right tools and plugins, to writing the content, content strategy and keyword research.


Digital PR and Outreach campaigns

– Create content with purpose of gaining links


 If you wish more information of any of the above or have a specific request feel free to fill in the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 


Setting up your new website or blog
Set Content Strategy to drive traffic
Set SEO Strategy to drive traffic
Cleaning up your site for SEO
Identify link and content opportunities
Teach you SEO & Digital Marketing tailored for your business needs


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Check out below some of our Top 10 Tips and Tricks on How To best Market your Interior Design business


More about the team


We are a  creative and data driven  gang that can handle technical requests like hosting but also more creative approaches like PR, earned media campaigns and more.

We have a extensive experience and track record in SEO with a strong interest for Pinterest traffic and link campaigns.

Our passion about the interior design field ensures a quality marketing approach for your interior design marketing strategy.


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No idea is a bad idea at first
Collaboration is about creating magic together
We have a #letddothis attitude

Really appreciate you talking about branding and bringing the brand into your home. That is exactly how I think and I love that you write about it since most bloggers don’t. – Therese Sennerholt, Graphic Designer


Interior Design Marketing ideas – Top 10 Tips and Tricks

Target websites that shows images and that have social sharing options


Tip: If you are an interior designer wanting to show your portfolio, then target and network with websites that have a focus on images and especially those who have Pinterest sharing set up.

You will not only reach your interior design demographic like this if you stay within the same style, but might also end up with a backlink to your portfolio (SEO ranking signal) and possible even getting more traffic if people start sharing your picture from this other site.



Utilize Pinterest Shares


Tip: Don’t underestimate the amount of traffic that daily can come to your portfolio if you take nice clean photos and then make sure you have the Pinterest shares installed.

Visitors to your site can then easily share what they like but you can also do this yourself as soon as you have uploaded your post. Make sure to use the “Alt text” properly and know that this is the text that actually shows up when people share your photos on Pinterest (can manually be amended too by the one who shares).


Interior design marketing ideas

Running your interior design business all comes down to trying to sell that vision, that dream, those concepts…so images truly becomes the “best way” to sell your service.

Google mobile image search

Tip: Google recently started to show captions on mobile of your images. At the moment these are pulled from the Title tag. Interesting here is to know about this and then be creative of how to use images a bit better as the click through rate might increase now with these captions.


Create Content that focuses on high quality images


Tip:  Sorry for making you tired about mentioning images again but truly they are your golden card into gaining traffic to your site – one of the key ways to get your interior design marketing up to speed.

Running your interior design business all comes down to trying to sell that vision, that dream, those concepts…so images truly becomes the “best way” to sell your service.

Make sure you occupy your pages with plenty of descriptive images of good quality and then image optimize them with proper Alt text, file names and also make sure you reduce the size of the images as this could have a negative factor for page speed and UX.

I have seen many cases where interior design websites gets most of their organic traffic through image searchers just by following some simple steps – get your keywords in the right places.

interior design marketing ideas

Pick your social Media platforms and have a plan for them


When starting your business it is of course good to first make sure that your brand name is unique to you. Make sure that you sign up to all social media platforms you can think of. With that being said, it is okay to only focus on a few that makes more sense to your business. Especially being a small interior design business owner it is even more important to be careful about the time one has to execute the marketing strategy. Here below are some social media platforms that can work good for a interior design business.

– Pinterest: Yes…mentioning it again…this is your go to social media platform. One of the easiest ways to get traffic. If you have great photos of great interior spaces then Pinterest is your way to go. Make sure you sign up with a great profile…write a nice description of your business (still make it stand out or be a bit personal if you are not a big brand), add a cool photo related to your business (images of people are always great) then start creating different mood boards in there. Try to make them all reflect to your business. So for example for we made a board about: sweet home and art on the wall – both which reflects our blog series here on the blog. Be creative and stay true to your brand…have fun and follow other people on Pinterest.

– Twitter: This social media platform works great for networking. Network with fellow designers, join discussions, share tips to others. It works brilliant if you want to connect with other industry people, showrooms, editors of design magazines, bloggers etc.

– Facebook: In certain local areas a Facebook page works the wonders.  Even though people are restricted to seeing your posts after a while and all that, if using the right strategy one can still even today still have success here. One tip is if you create interviews over on your blog with local artists (supporting your art area) then share this post on your Facebook page and tag the persons Facebook page and tag the person. The interviewee usually will then find this so nice that they pick it up themself to share it on their private wall to all their friends. If they have a lot of friends with a similar style to yours than you might generate some traffic, new followers and even potential new leads.

Start your blog for your business website

Tip: On the blog you can share your ideas, your projects and also use it to show people “behind the scenes”,”up and coming projects” and even like the tip above…use it to connect to people. Interview small businesses around you that you use for your projects…all this will work wonders for “shares” on private walls and potential traffic and new leads too if used wisely. You can also focus on creating more evergreen content pieces like “how to guides” and try to target them to start ranking.

Local Search


Tip: If you have a local business then make sure to set yourself up for success in regards of local search. A guide on how to do this can be followed here.

Marketing strategy

Make your UX and website stand out – Tell a story


Tip: If you have budget or perhaps know a developer then make sure you are planning the story and vision of your online home well. You have a big chance here to make sure that the user journey is flowing nicely. If this is not an option then there are plenty of WordPress themes that you can buy and set up, or let us help you to set up.

You can also focus on creating more evergreen content pieces like “how to guides” and try to target them to start ranking.

Understand how your site is performing from a SEO perspective


Tip: Understanding SEO can benefit your sites organic traffic and then overall traffic. There are around 200 ranking factors in SEO, some weights more and some less. Usually when talking about SEO you might hear people dividing this into Technical, Content and Backlinks – all which are fundamentally all very important. Some suggestions, without getting too much into SEO here, would be to make sure that your mobile site is responsive. Also do you have plenty of relevant/authoritative backlinks? Backlinks are like votes for Google, so if you can get those high influential sites to link to you – than fantastic! Another thing I experiment with a lot lately is tracking the click through rate (number of clicks divided by number of times the meta description is shown) and bounce rate (the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page) of important pages that I want to be ranking for. Again SEO is a wide topic and needs a separate article to explain how to best utilize it for your interior design marketing strategy, but if you have not optimized for organic traffic I recommend that you start now and enjoy while learning. You are missing a portion of your traffic and potential leads are being missed by not optimizing your site properly and perhaps not even targeting the proper things that your customers actually are looking after and not what you think they are looking after.



Have a purpose


Tip: The whole main idea even before starting to make something is to figure out why you do something? Why are you posting Bi-weekly interviews, why are you creating Blog Roundups linking out to bloggers and so on. Having your interior design marketing strategy set and what the goal with it all is is vital for success and also for you to be able to measure your campaigns. The best way to learning is to know why you are doing something and how the results of that went. Some purposes can be:

– Increase brand awareness
– Establish credibility and trust
– Connect with your audience
– Find new leads
– Drive sales



You have a very nice way of wording things that puts my photos in a better light than anything I could write would. – Jason Strong, Photographer