Sweet Home: Finding The Design Mood



Feeling at home or feeling that one has found its sanctuary in its home or getaway home is a wonderful feeling. It seems to be a goal to many – to work hard and to find that home which you feel at peace with. That home and sanctuary – where one can escape from the world and where we can wrap up and feel safe, in our own cocoon.

How do we go about finding this kind of sanctuary? It all depends on the type of surrounding, materials and colors which creates this feeling for you. Location is also to consider, some people may prefer the location to be in a buzzing city and some crave going back to the nature. Another thing to consider is which color scheme and material scheme that gives you that – oh so relaxing feeling -. It could be that you are more leaned to feeling safe with darker colors, as to create more of a closed in environment. Or perhaps the darkness creates the opposite emotion and you need to go for a lighter color scheme in the interior.

In my eyes it would look something like this home built by Arrhov Frick Architecture. First of all the location is what catches my attention. The calm and natural surrounding evokes a familiar feeling of my child hood and therefor creates a safe feeling for me. The natural landscape adds color and texture to the interior space due to its large glass windows. The fascinating bit for me would be that one could actually follow the different seasons and its colors and textures as it changes.

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The interior itself has that calm, sophisticated minimalist feel which to me works really well due to the materials they picked and not to forget, because of the outdoor surrounding. The interior feels as if it was always meant to be placed in that location and is incorporated nicely in to the landscape as to not take anything away from its natural appeal.

Interesting to me is the psychology behind peoples selection in what they find safe or not in regards of their selection for their own little cocoon. One thing is for sure, there is something very fascinating about the diversity among us as humans, which even shows in the selection when creating – that sanctuary.


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2_Six_Walls_House_Saltsjo_Boo_Sweden_Arrhov_Frick_Arkitektkontor_Photo_Mikael_Olsson_yatzer 3_Six_Walls_House_Saltsjo_Boo_Sweden_Arrhov_Frick_Arkitektkontor_Photo_Mikael_Olsson_yatzer 4_Six_Walls_House_Saltsjo_Boo_Sweden_Arrhov_Frick_Arkitektkontor_Photo_Mikael_Olsson_yatzer 6_Six_Walls_House_Saltsjo_Boo_Sweden_Arrhov_Frick_Arkitektkontor_Photo_Mikael_Olsson_yatzer 7_Six_Walls_House_Saltsjo_Boo_Sweden_Arrhov_Frick_Arkitektkontor_Photo_Mikael_Olsson_yatzer 8_Six_Walls_House_Saltsjo_Boo_Sweden_Arrhov_Frick_Arkitektkontor_Photo_Mikael_Olsson_yatzer 14_Six_Walls_House_Saltsjo_Boo_Sweden_Arrhov_Frick_Arkitektkontor_Photo_Mikael_Olsson_yatzer

Credit: Arrhov Frick Architecture Via Yatzer. Photo by Mikael Olsson.


Sweet Home: Finding The Design Mood