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We have collected some common questions that we have got sent to our design studio. We are so thankful to have design people reaching out to us. Below is a FAQ of some of the most common questions. If you wish to ask us anything just drop us a comment or email
. – Anna Caroline



How Did The Blog Start?


Design Studio 210 started one day sometime in 2008 when we were living in San Diego, USA. It was actually the same number of our studio apartment that had 210 on it. Since Anna Caroline was studying interior design and some graphic courses at that time she wanted a space to share all the inspiration as well as a place to communicate with other people also interested in the design field.


Are you a Design Studio?


We get plenty of questions about internships at our studio, from interior – and graphic design students around the world. We are currently not the traditional design studio at the moment but instead we are an online space and blog hoping to inspire by the people, travels, art and spaces we share. Of course if you wish to apply as a contributor for the blog you are more than welcome to introduce yourself. Also feel free to submit any cool projects you are working on or have been working on. Let’s keep on sharing our creativity.


How many are involved in the blog?


We believe in collaboration and we are all about surrounding ourselves with an inspiring team. We have had studios creating graphic work for columns and interior designers contributing through blog posts. On a daily basis the blog is curated and edited by Anna Caroline. While traveling or going on trade fairs she is usually accompanied by the Mr in her life who enjoys taking photos and documenting things for us here.


Who is Anna Caroline?


Anna Caroline is me, I am the creative person behind this blog who wishes I could spend 24/7 creating interesting online content that inspires us and hopefully you as well. With a background in interior design, web production and marketing this blog has purely become my go –to place. The place that I call home, that I treasure and that gives me energy to jump out of bed in the mornings.




Where are you based?


After a lot of traveling over the past 12 years, with some years living in sunny San Diego in the states, we are based for most of the times on a small island in the Mediterranean called Malta. This is where we found our creative heaven. Very often we fly back to Sweden our native country for the design inspiration we crave.



Do you Take Adverts?


After years of blogging without taking adverts or sponsored posts or incorporating affiliates, we have finally come to a realization, after working the normal kind of job that, the blog – the life and the creativity we get from it, is what we wish to build on. With the aim of the blog to become something Anna Caroline can make a living of, adverts are welcome on our blog for consideration. We keep advertisement on the blog that we our-self believe in and like. We are also eager to get more creative working with companies and brands in regards of content. If you wish to collaborate you can find us here.



How is a daily blog day looking for us?


We love working out of the office so usually we hit up a coffee shop and make it our office for the day. Starting it with a coffee – some e-mails moving on to checking the social media posts are up and okay to go. Then it all depends on what type of day it is as we focus one day of simply writing blog posts for the week ahead and another day we focus on social media, re searching, gaining knowledge and connecting, together with working on some up and coming projects. Normally this schedule works for us as it allows us to focus a bit more. In between lunch and in the evening we usually go on Pinterest and Twitter to have some fun.


How would you describe your design style?

Even though our style is constantly evolving as we discover new products, materials and ways of living, there are a few things which always remains for us. Those are: creating and being inspired by spaces that speaks simplicity, gives a touch of a natural feeling combined with a subtle color pallet and a touch of Scandinavian design style. My personal design style prefers living in spaces that gives a calmness and juxtaposing that with a freshness.

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